Organic Change Pad

$16.31 $23.30

This Organic Change Pad from Precious Bloom is sure to please in this colourful bunting pattern (also: dots coral pattern; dots sky pattern).

It's also available in colourful elephant (elephant gray pattern; elephant coral pattern; elephant coral pattern) and fox (fox coral pattern; fox sky pattern) patterns.

Love is in the details... hypoallergenic and hand-made locally with ever-so-soft and cozy pre-washed 100% certified organic cotton flannel, machine-quilted to a layer of 100% certified organic needled cotton batting and backed with a waterproof backing cloth (75% vinyl, 25% polyester). Each change pad measures approx. 15" x 27" (38 cm x 68 cm), making it perfect for use on your diaper changing table or in your diaper bag. Wouldn't you love to have soft, warm flannel on your back rather than cold vinyl? 3 is a great number to have on hand: one in use, one in the wash and a spare for emergencies.

Hand-made in Canada.

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